Monday, November 2, 2009

Half-hearted agile

Thought of penning down some of the issues I see with the projects where agile is tried via feeble mandate (lets just try it - top-down) rather than as a joint initiative between management and teams. The list will grow over time:

# communication
-->> Email being the preferred mode of communication rather than face to face communication
-->> Unwillingness to see the bigger picture by staying within the zone of "defined" responsibility
-->> Lack of communication on why we're doing it and how we want to do it
-->> Lack of training & coaching

# initiative
-->> Unwillingness to try something different
-->> Unwillingness to understand new ways of working
-->> This is how we work, this is common sense, this is the only way it is practical!
-->> We will not touch the Engineering practices

# openness
-->> Unwillingness to share progress, impediments
-->> View that Agile is just an "iterative" waterfall
-->> Buffer resources for some reason, not made visible to customer

# collaboration
-->> Handling the fixed price contracts with variable scope is difficult
-->> Will not start the work till the SOW is signed/cost & scope are cast in stone
-->> Someone needs to prove that Agile will not cost more than what we are used to

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