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About The Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share what I have learned, what I think and why I do so, in a very informal manner. I take sides, express opinions, and even change my recommendations based on new experiences. Every situation is unique, and what I write may not apply to your context.

This blog is a completely personal medium of communication, it is not tied to my employer or their messaging.

About Me

I can't imagine a life without learning. As a kid, my first experience with computers was with BASIC. I was fascinated by all the things I could do with a few simple lines of code. In high school, I learned Pascal, another simple yet powerful language. Later, I developed more advanced software using Delphi and Java. I also got introduced to databases such as Oracle, MS SQL and back then I thought they were a super-cool way to store and manage data. I started my career as a software developer, and learned more about Java (and J2EE), .Net, C++, Python, cloud computing, noSQL DBs, AWS, and techniques such as Scrum, test driven development, test automation, continuous integration etc.

A pivotal moment for me came while working with Philips healthcare. There, I saw first-hand when our Radiology Information system broke down the workflow of a busy hospital. It was then I saw how critical software quality can be to users - especially when things go wrong! I knew the customer was important but had not realized until then, how much!

In 2007, I was challenged by my first project as a manager and agile started making sense. Getting a difficult project done with a team turned out be far more complex than delivering one small feature as an individual. Since then, agile principles have guided me and influenced much of my learning and there has been no turning back.

In 2017, I joined Amazon.com, and the company's leadership principals of customer-obsession, earning trust, delivering results, hiring & developing the best enriched me. Now, I enjoy working with my team, where we learn and invent great software for our customers.

I thank so many people who have taught me things, either directly or indirectly. There is truly a lot more to learn, learning will never end!

Thank you too for visiting my blog, hope you find it useful. I love feedback, so if there is anything you would like to say, please drop me a comment on the blog post.

If you find something interesting or just want to chat, I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me via LinkedIn.

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