Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

"A book for everyone" is how I would describe this short, easy to understand and very interesting piece of work. The secret is about the "Law of Attraction". This law states our thoughts attract everything that happens to us. The book claims that if we think positively about something with conviction and belief, that will surely happen. The universe tells us "Your wish is my command" and goes all the way to make sure we get what we think about. However, it is not so simple. The law does not understand words like "no, not" etc. and simply ignores them. For example, if we think that "I should not be late for work", the universe understands it as "I should be late for work" and makes that happen. So if we are afraid of something that is also very likely to happen. According to the book, this is true for relationships, health and all other aspects too. For example, if we think that our relationship with someone is bad, it is very likely that it will not improve.
The book has many interesting contributions from many thinkers and highly successful people in the world. Even if one does not completely agree with the book, it is worth reading, absorbing and putting into practice as much as possible.

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